They tell you as you grow up, that Thanksgiving is a time to "give thanks for things you are grateful for" - at least, that is what I remember. Amid the cut-out turkeys and hand print paintings, the stuffing and seasonal decor... There was always someone to say, "what are you thankful for?" But then you reach that certain age where holidays just feel like normal days. You know that there is nothing special about them, and they are big wastes of time. That's how I'm feeling right now, having filled my stomach with lots of turkey, stuffing, and inglorious amounts of cranberry sauce.

At first you go to family gatherings filled with glee - there will be food! There will be all those people you rarely see, that seem so happy to see you. Adults that are happy to see the tiny children. As you grow older though, the children grow up and band together with common interests. It's like highschool all over again, with the popular kids grouping in to a clique and giving you odd looks if you try to join in - and this is the family we're talking about! You begin to dislike the holiday season, feeling trepidation at the mention of a gathering; if you're smart you get out while it's early, while you have some kind of faint enjoyment still lingering in your memories. Or, like me, you go to make your parents happy even though it makes you miserable to be ignored. You know it makes them happy to get out of the house and see their family, they rarely get together anyways.

The holidays change, and we come to dread them.
Of course by 'we' I mean me, I. I dread them. They're like every other day - except with more food and noise.

So, what are you thankful for?


You know what? I'll make a list. I can be thankful for things even if it's somewhat silly or pointless.

I am thankful for:
  1. hot water.
  2. blankets.
  3. cans of soup.
  4. living in a house, as opposed to not.
  5. not being alone even if i feel like i am.
  6. pianos, guitars..
  7. cranberries
  8. writers, books, editors, publishers, and inspirations.
  9. hugs.
  10. you.

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