A man outside of DYSL was on something today. He went in to Mac's with a friend, then popped back out with bags and bags of food - that wasn't unusual. What was peculiar, was the teal mohawk, cape, and Captian America shield. Oh, and the way the two guys were talking about "restoring HP" with their oodles of food, and using the "mana potions" they had just purchased. I swear they were on something (other than WoW). If I ever get that addicted... Just don't let me get that addicted! Problem solved. Randomly, I picked up a pair of heels from work today. I can't walk in heels, I've never owned a pair.. They say they're made in Brazil and the inside has the name "Roberto Vianni" within it? I don't know what this means. I'm trying to learn to walk but they lack grip, which is freaking me out. I completed a painting today at work - it's that wolf-tiger-bear thing I posted about before, and I still hate it. Karla thinks it's pretty good for two days of painting.

They sky is crying again. Not to sound like an 'emo kid' but it seems to be mirroring my blue mood. I'm surprised by how depressed I am since the break up, actually. I could go through life fine enough before him, why is it so much harder now? I was angry for a while, and that helped me get through things like it usually does; I can get shit done when I'm mad, but now I'm sad and alone (and kind of soggy). I want to smoke carton upon carton of cigarettes, or lots of marijuana, or drink heavily. I don't have the energy to do anything though, which is good I guess... And bad in other ways, but whatever. I'm just going back to the way I was "B.R." - that should be pretty easy to decipher. I've watched as all my friends graduated, moving on to other places, other schools, other jobs, without me. And now I get to do it all over again, but this time my friend group is limited to... A couple of people, I guess. At least I'm consistent at this 'being left behind' routine.

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