I've got to be at work in ten minutes, but I thought I'd share this. It's the myspace page of a new friend of mine, and though I don't usually like Hip-Hop music, I can't stop listening to "Who's To Say".

I'll add to this later~! 

Hokay. I'm too tired to write anything, so you get a list.

- The WoW-fan was back. Or at least, his cape was. On someone else across the street! It is following me.
- I saw something funny but now I forget what it was. Oh! I passed a store that was once an insurance ... Place... but they changed their name, so now it's "Formerly Delta Insurance". I guess they haven't found a replacement? I lol'd.
- And then I passed by a toy store with a giant lego man, and the giant lego man was holding a stuffed dog. This brought on images of a giant lego man terrorizing a medium sized lego town, devouring small animals. Again, I lol'd.
- I'm home! I'm tired! I want a cigarette but I have no money (or job that pays, boo-). FML.


  1. sorry about having no cigarettes, i know that sucks. :(

  2. Haha, I'm not a huge smoker though, so it's alright. Sometimes I get the biggest cravings despite only smoking socially.. Urg.

  3. ...ask me! i'll give you some