Laziness overtook me today, there was nothing I could do. Instead of going in to work - I'm a volunteer, I don't get paid, I can make up my own hours anyways - the Lazy!Monster decided to slip in to my head like a fog, and I haven't done anything productive at all. I like being productive, actually.. It's strange, since I never liked doing things in high school. Maybe that was because I had people forcing me to do things? In any case, I loitered around home for a while.. Puttering from site to site, doing my usual nerdy routine. I almost played WoW today; however various television shows caught my attention. (Funnily enough, now I can't remember any of them...)

I think this laziness comes from playing around with my medication. After the breakup (about three weeks ago now) I avoided it for a week, then took about five times my normal dose every three or four days. Now I'm down to ten pills left, which is awful. It was supposed to last me till Christmas - when my doctor said I'd be weaned off of it. I guess I'll be doing that sooner than expected. In an act of stupidity I took a ten milligram dose yesterday before work, and became very sleepy, then far too awake... Staying awake till two AM watching random shows, being rather jittery, and now.. Hrm, it's probably worn off and that's why I'm so weird today. 

On the plus side, now C is over and is in my kitchen with my brother E, and they're baking things - I voted for pumpkin muffins, but I think they've settled on something with cinnamon? I think they're making sugar cookies, now, or something. Whatever, they're having fun. I just want to be really stoned right now (the company is awesome of course, but. Cravings. Ugh.).

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