There is a Halloween event at work tomorrow, which means a swarm of young people will be advancing upon the thrift store. I am not too keen about this, mostly because children are idiots and should be lit on fire (- but then, how would we get adults?! Good question). I will be dressing up and painting their faces. Kill me now? There will be candy (yay! Children + crack!), spooky stories read by a witch, and me with buckets of fake blood. I've spent all day preparing fake blood using varying recipes, all of which... Fail miserably, except the extra easy "Buckets of Blood"; the ingredients are: Jello (preferably a red sort, I used Dark Cherry), extra water, and red/blue/green food coloring to get the color right. If one wanted to, they could add corn starch, flour, instant coffee, or coco powder to darken and thicken it. I didn't do that, since the plan was to keep it edible.

Oh! If you'd like to make some goopy Jello blood, I've uploaded the recipe: HERE.

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