I am.. Exhausted. The Halloween party/event that happened at work was a lot easier than expected, and we only had a handful of children show up. That was good, and I even face-painted one of them. I was going to draw something on a three year old but my costume scared him in to fits of screaming, so, I gave up and let Karla do it. Besides that little hiccup the day went by quickly and without issue. I am now stuffed with cheesecake and needing to wash the stitches off of my face. If I get any pictures that I don't find horrible, maybe I'll post them.

Oh! And I was in The Leader again, as publicity for the Halloween event and the art program I set up with Karla (a manager, the most artistic one there). Except that they got my surname wrong - amusing as that is, I was more mortified by the picture of me with my "lion-bear-wolf-red-dog-thing" painting. Ugh, it was awful. The store needed the attention though, so maybe it wasn't all bad...

Now I'm off to play WoW, since my brother and his friend are intent on seeing me reach at least level fifty. I'm only level.. Fifteen, since my first character got hacked/deleted. (A sad day that was, oh how I miss my poor troll lady. Sadface). I'm ever tempted to go in to hibernation for a while.

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