I don't have much to blog about tonight. Work was busy, and I was doing all sorts of things, which is usually what happens when a young person works around old people. Taking out the trash, lifting things, using ladders, doing cash, organizing clothes, sorting clothes, sorting toys... I practically do all the work, except the managers get paid for it (volunteers do not, obviously). Oh, but I don't intend to bitch about this - that isn't what I'm doing. I'm just. Eh, tired. I'm definetly getting sick; one of the ladies believes it is actually the H1N1 virus, since her grandaughter had it, and reflected my own 'symptoms'. Migraine, nausea, sore body - general icky flu feelings, except exacerbated to the point of not wanting to move. Yet, I move! I continue to work. I have to or I'll be bored. Anyways, that's my current status: fighting off what could be a flu of bacon-ic proportions. Which then makes me want bacon... Only to realize I can't eat anything right now. Horf horf horf.

Uh. Was there a point to this? Probably not. I didn't post yesterday because I was tired, and I didn't do anything yesterday except comfort my friend who is having a rough week - involving their grandfather being sick with swine flu, their dog in a slowly weakening state, and various other things. :<

Crap appears to be happening to everyone lately. I wish there was something I could do.

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