It's been raining far too much lately, and when I say that, it means something. Only because I adore rain, and usually wish for it every day. Maybe I'd be happier for the over-saturation that rain provides, and that lovely smell, if I could go outside and enjoy it - but, alas, I am stuck in here with some kind of helter skelter sickness. The first day with it I felt like crap, but the next I felt fine. The days seem to alternate like that; for instance, today I feel like total shit. If I stand up I get a sharp pain in my head (almost a headache, but localized like someone has hit or kicked me) and then I get dizzy and fall back down. While if I remain laying down, such as in my blanket strewn bed, my body loses all urge to move. I really don't know what this is, but it can't really be swine flu, can it? I'm not really flu-y or anything, I just have brain problems (we knew that already). Nng, I want to be outside in the chilly chaos so badly, but it would make things worse.

On a weird note, my ex-boyfriend (anyone else find that term odd) popped over to my house yesterday. I almost feel like I shouldn't blog about this.... It was rather sudden, actually. He had a half day at school and then was at my door, so I.. Let him in. Which was probably dumb, but we were able to loiter around in my room (since y'know, I feel like shit) for a bit before anyone came home, and then he snuck out. Feels like... Every other encounter with him in my house. Except this time I avoided any possibility of hardcore make-outs (seeing as I don't do that with people who aren't my boyfriend. Understandable, yes). This is becoming a very odd situation indeed.

I don't know what else to say, my life is pretty boring.

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