I have just received an email from Emily Carr Admissions; apparently when I sent them my application for online learning, they did not receive a transcript. Logically I should fax one to them as soon as possible, but I don't have a fax machine - and I'm now thinking my life is made of repetitive failures. I obviously wasn't meant to exceed past high school learning. I'm mailing it to them anyways, despite having a feeling that it will get to them too late for acceptance. This is the story of my life.

On a lighter note - I guess it would be a lighter note, eh - I figured out what my Halloween costume is going to be. I usually dress up as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas; I can pull it off rather well, especially when I wear heels and end up walking like a rag doll. This year I really want to be Hellgirl. It is a very close call, however, since Halloween is on Saturday and I don't have any pieces of the costume on hand.

I need:

- Two PVC pipe connectors (whatever they're called.)
- Red poster board
- Sponge
- Liquid Latex
- Red acrylic paint
- A leather glove, or something similar
- Dark red spray paint
- A tail
- Horns, which will probably be made the same way as the "Hand of Doom".
- Maybe a black sports bra as a shirt. A black shirt either way.
- Dark jeans, they can be ratty or holey or whatever.
- A belt with a holster and some pouches, prayer beads and a cross.
- Face paint (red) for my entire body. Although I learned earlier that I could use Red Hairdye for that - this cheap hairdye that comes in a mousse, that isn't harmful for the skin, and washes off. Maybe I'll do that.
- Time. Which I severely lack.

PS: Alright, so, after a short conversation through email tag I learned that I'm  now accepted to the online portion of Emily Carr! I'm a student! I get to learn... Art History, for now. But that's better than nothing, and it's transferable! Win.

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