I don't have much to write about right now.. Things are becoming repetitive again and the days bleed together. The only unique occurrence would be the art show the thrift store put on - nobody showed up, but that was because the manager never printed the posters I designed - however, during the actual work day some people inquired about a few pieces. I might be able to sell some paintings and make money, isn't that strange? I thought it was. I've got four more canvases and so I may paint a bit this weekend, and hopefully improve a bit. I have gotten a little better; if you compare the first painting I did (the wolf-tiger-thing) to the latest one (a giant red and black piece of wood with skulls and a surreal atmosphere) then.. Yeah, I've gotten better. I still think the pieces are low quality but if people want them - hell, they can have them. It doesn't take me long to paint things anyways, since I'm so impatient and I paint before things can dry properly (everything ends up blending together). Actually, I quite like painting on wood. The paint dries as quickly as I need it to, so that things don't get messed up... Hmm.

I might try to apply for jobs in Ladner as opposed to Tsawwassen. There are no jobs in Tsawwassen that are worth doing - I refuse to work for Starfucks or Slaveway. Pharmasave just opened up next to the thrift store, so I *could* apply there and go back and forth. I also have to remember to apply to courses! Er, the one course I'm taking online. The applications start on November 11th. 

I guess things are starting to get better. Even though I'm not technically "going" to school and I lack a job, I still live at home though I'm nineteen, and... Okay, so it's not so good. But whatever.

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