News has just reached me that my father has lost his job. He recieved his termination notice today - what does this mean? Obviously, no more work for him. He used to work full time as a mechanic, then cut down to part time while my mother also worked, she is a tutor at Sylvan - bouncing between two different locations. When he worked full time it was great, but he's too old now, full time work makes him exhausted and he's deteriorating in to a shadow of a man. So when he cut down to part time, that was good for him. Not so good financially for the family, but it kept him going. Now he's been terminated. What are we supposed to do? He can't get a job, or at least I don't think he should, since he should retire anyways. Mum says it's manditory that I get a job now, which I agree with but I'm still very tentative about. She didn't ask Eric to get one - he has school, and that's enough of an issue for him - Geoffrey can't do it, he can only get so many hours a week before his disability funding is cut off... So I've effectively been told to replace my Dad. I just don't know how to do that.

I'm kind of shocked that he's suddenly  been terminated like this. It's ironic that it happened now, after he bought a giant TV, a three wheeler, and was going to get a satellite dish... My parents took some money out of the RRSPs to pay down their debt, and then BOOM he buys all this shit. And now he's lost his job. He had that job since we moved here when I was two. Holy shit, has this really happened?

Watch the shock fade away and panic set in. It's going to happen soon, just wait.
(This is just what I need. Three cheers for chaos.)

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