Out of a moment of curiosity I looked up the ranking system for art schools. This lead me nowhere, really, except a website that would only show me American schools (no matter how many times I said I was in Canada.) but whatever, I moved on. Next I looked up art schools that focus on illustration, and I found this place. The link I found landed me on their information page for their Illustration course, of course. And that's when I realized, I found what I want to do. I already do this stuff, I draw a lot, I use graphic software, I'm teaching myself how to speedpaint and to color lineart and all that, and I make posters/advertising for work - but I could do this course and my school worries would be gone.

I checked what was available in BC for such a course, and that brought me to a rather sad list; Vancouver Community College, Vancouver University for something-or-other, and a few random small institutions. Not my cup of tea - Emily Carr wasn't even listed, which was odd. I always took EC to be more of a traditional school? I know they have computer based courses and all of that, but. I dunno, that school + technology never really clicked in my head. The only other schools are in Ontario and Quebec - and that Sheridan one is one of the Ontario selections. (I don't like french, I can't speak it, so, Quebec although a pretty word, is not a choice for me).

I still have that one Emily Carr course I'm starting in January, the online one. However, it is transferable...

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