Ok, no more emo-tastic me. Not for now anyways. I'm getting through things as best I can right now. My sister and her boyfriend have been living with us since the beginning of December (they were robbed, their housemate gave the extra key to some goons that broke in and stuff; everyone was fine) and they'll be gone by the thirty-first. I can't wait! I'm fond of my sister, sure, but her boyfriend is a dick. And I like their cats - I've grown rather fond of his cat, actually - but they're just animals and I'll be fine.

January second is the next "art day" at the thrift store, so that'll be fun. Provided I don't have to monitor too many puntable children. Then on the fourth or something, I have to go to a therapist. Might be a good idea (considering my last post) but I hope she doesn't expect me to talk to her about anything. I'll sit there, complacent, bemused, and tell her whatever I need to so that I can leave. It worked for the last shrink! My mother should realize I do not want to talk to a damn psychologist. Oh well.

Umm, what else. Boyfriend is sort of my boyfriend again? Or at least we've begun all this chaos all over again, and we're trying ... I'm not sure what we're trying, that's part of what we're figuring out. So far things are alright, I'm just a little tentative about it since getting dumped is so painful and I half expect it to happen again (and it probably will). That's OK. Well, no, it isn't, it's painful and dreadful and all of that. However he's always had a future and I've never had one, and I think that is what I'm OK with. Maybe I should talk to that shrink, eh? Haha.

I wrote about my dad losing his job, right? I'm too lazy to read back and check up on that. He did, anyhow. And then my mom found out that one of the locations she works at is closing on the one day she works... in that... location... (making sense?) So she's down to one place, cut hours, etc. Woooo job issues. Money issues. Feeding the family issues~

Like I said, I'm workin' on it.

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